Terry Conners Rink

1125 Cove Road, Stamford, Connecticut 06902 - 203.977.4728

Admission for HS Hockey

Student/Child  $5.00

Adult over 18  $5.00

Seniors 62+ N/C

Fan Disclaimer

Fan enthusiasm is a great part of hockey and TCR certainly encourages active cheering. However, individual conduct must be bound by law and by the rights of others to enjoy the game. Fan behavior cannot unreasonable offend others or be unreasonable abusive to players or officials.

TCR requests that fans be considerate at all times of players and officials. TCR also requests that fans be sensitive to those fans seated around you. TCR wishes to provide all fans with a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable family atmosphere.

Fans using foul or abusive language, appearing intoxicated, or otherwise displaying rowdy or inconsiderate behavior are subject to removal from the rink premises. Please contact arena/game management to report any such behavior.

Fans should also be aware that during hockey games, a puck could be propelled into the spectator/stands/lobby area with enough force to cause serious injury. Stay alert al all times while you are watching the game, including after stoppage of play. If you are injured, ask the nearest rink employee for help and direction to first aid.

TCR reserves the right to expel, without refund, any ticket holder whose behavior which, in the sole discretion of arena/game management, violates any of these behavior policies. Continued violations of the behavior policies may result in the forfeiture of remaining season tickets of the current season and renewal privileges. Please notify arena/game management if you witness any behavior violations.


Integral Hockey

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ADMISSION:  $ 7.00


Wed. Dec. 8 5:30 pm SWS Girls vs. Avon/Southington
Wed. Dec. 15 7:50 pm SWS Girls vs. Daniel Hand
Saturday, Dec. 18 8:00 pm WHS/SHS Boys vs. Amity
Wed. Dec. 22 7:50 pm SWS Girls vs. Wilton
Wed. Dec. 29 7:40 pm SWS Girls vs. Mercy/NW Catholic
Wed. Jan. 5, 2022 7:45 pm WHS/SHS Boys vs. McMahon/Norwalk
Saturday, Jan. 8 8:00 pm WHS/SHS Boys vs. North Haven
Saturday, Jan. 15 6:20 pm SWS Girls vs. Greenwich
  8:15pm WHS/SHS Boys vs. Darien
Wed. Jan. 19 8:00 pm SWS Girls vs. Darien
Saturday, Jan. 22 8:00 pm WHS/SHS Boys vs. St. Joseph
Wed. Jan. 26 7:50 pm SWS Girls vs. Amity
Saturday, Jan. 29 8:00 pm WHS/SHS Boys vs. Trumbull
Wed. Feb. 2 5:30 pm SWS Girls vs. East Catholic
Wed. Feb. 9 5:30 pm SWS Girls vs. Trumbull
  7:30 pm WHS/SHS Boys vs. Staples
Sat. Feb. 12 6:20 pm WHS/SHS Boys vs. Wilton
  8:20 pm SWS Girls vs. Ridgefield
Sat. Feb. 19 8:00 pm WHS/SHS Boys vs. Branford
    ***More Games will be added***