Terry Conners Rink

1125 Cove Road, Stamford, Connecticut 06902 - 203.977.4728

1125 Cove Road
Stamford, CT  06902
P: (203) 977-4728    
F: (203) 977-4184

Ken Smith, Rink Manager
City of Stamford, Connecticut

General Information:

Terry Conners Ice Rink, owned and operated by the City of Stamford, is located at 1125 Cove Road inside Cove Island Park in Stamford, CT.  The Rink’s skaters and spectators total over 250,000 visits per year.  This family oriented traffic will provide exceptional exposure for advertisers.  Also, advertising revenue will help support our Youth Programs who call Terry Conners Rink, a non-profit entity, Their Skating Home.


Dasher Board Advertising:

  1. Ads/Signs will be 33 inches high by 96 inches long.
  2. Ads/Signs are available on all side (home and away) boards and corner sections.  Ads/Signs will not be placed on the straight runs known as the Rink “ends” that are behind each goal net.
  3. All Ads/Signs will be adhered to the Rink’s white dasher facing material. 
  4. The Advertiser is responsible for all artwork, color choices and production of their sign.  All costs for the production of the sign is the sole responsibility of the Advertiser.  All signs shall be vinyl with adhesive backing that easily applies to the Rink dasher board material.


    Ice Resurfacer Advertising:

  1. The Rink Ice Resurfacer has two available areas (sides) for advertising.  The actual size of the ad space is 8 feet in length and vertical (height) dimensions of 38 inches on one end and 31 inches on the opposite end. 
  2. Signs must be vinyl and adhesive backing that will adhere to the Ice Resurfacer side panels.  As with the Dasher Board Signs, all Resurfacer signs must be produced and costs borne by the Advertiser.


    Advertising Rates and Terms:

  1. The advertising (signs) are available for 12 month terms with an additional 12 months available as an option.
  2. Advertising terms will run 12 months from the actual installation date of the ad.  Advertisers may guarantee their second 12 month period by pre-paying for the second term 60 days prior to the expiration of their first twelve month term.  This pre-payment also guarantees the same advertising rate as the first year.
  3. Dasher Board Ads are 1,250.00 per advertising panel (33 inches by 96 inches).  A discount is offered if the Advertiser desires two Ad Panels that will provide Ads on both sides of Rink. Therefore, any two Panel Ads are $2,100.00 for a twelve month advertising period.
  4. *Please note that the production of the sign(s) is the responsibility of the Advertiser.


    Actual positioning of the sign(s) is offered on the first come, first serve basis.  The Advertiser providing payment for the first 12 month advertising term will be first to choose the location of his sign.  Subsequent payments by other Advertisers will determine their choice of sign location.