Terry Conners Rink

1125 Cove Road, Stamford, Connecticut 06902 - 203.977.4728

No Summer Cycle of Group Lessons - Next Session will be in the Fall

September 14 thru November 4 (8 week cycle)

Thursdays 6:45 or Saturdays 11:45am

This is an introduction to hockey, the class is 25 minutes and for 4 to 9 year olds who have passed snowplow sam 4 or basic 2 levels.

Hockey Helmut, Hockey Gloves, Shin Guards, Hockey Skates and Sticks required

Spring Registration Fee is 128.00

REGISTRATION FORM Mail payment with registration form to Terry Conners Rink, 1125 Cove Rd. Stamford, CT 06902 or call 203-977-4728 with credit card payment or fax registration form to 203-977-4184 or email to terryconners@stamfordct.gov  Please feel free to come down in person to register for classes.